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Poets & Writers of Colorado Mesa University

As part of its cultural mission, Yoga West will be sponsoring the 2014-2015 Poets & Writers of Colorado Mesa University reading series. This series, which is in its seventh year, features readings by creative writers in all genres who are members of the CMU faculty and staff. A typical evening can range from poetry on the Milky Way to fiction about inner city San Francisco to a lyrical essay describing the author’s journey down the Ganges. This event is free and open to the public.

September 18, 2014: Charles McLeod, Maureen Neal, William Wright

October 16, 2014: Darell Diedrich, TJ Gerlach, Maureen McCarney

November 20, 2014: Michele Hanson, Barry Laga, James VanPelt

February 19, 2015: Linda Du, Labecca Jones, Luis Lopez, Laura Mourning

March 19, 2015: Jennifer Hancock, John Nizalowski, Randy Phillis, Luis Silva-Villar

April 16, 2015: Open Reading

Intuitive Living

with Kim Saint Germain

New Weekly Class!

 Starting Friday, October 3rd: Thursday 6:30 -7:30pm,

Friday 10:30 – 11:30am

and Sunday 6:30 – 7:30pm

FREE Spirit extends into all forms of matter. Expanding our awareness to include more of this invisible realm allows us to make more informed choices about our lives. This class is for all of those who are interested in finding their authentic self and living more joyfully! We will explore how to release beliefs and habits that interfere with our ability to fully express our love and passion in the world. We will practice different methods to re-align ourselves in stressful situations. And we will learn to expand our awareness to more easily know what is best for us in every moment. In class we will explore different aspects of living from our authentic self. Topics to be covered include: forgiveness, miracles and spontaneous healing, synchronicities and symbolism, the power of words – written and spoken, the human energy field, the 7 energy centers of the body, kinesiology, meditation, releasing fear, supporting a higher vibrational lifestyle, aligning the mind with the heart… and more. 

Kim St.Germain has been a student of life for 50 years. She is dedicated to discovering ever more She is a committed meditator who has deeply explored the inner self and the interconnected web of life. She believes that each person is an important part of the universal wholeness, each with our own unique talents and abilities to uplift and support life in its many guises. Her passion is to share her discoveries and learn from the discoveries of others. All are welcome to attend and participate!

Goddess Workshop

Connect to Your Inner Divine

with Helen Sage

Saturday, October 25 10:30am – 12:30pm

Suggested Donation $20

Let Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher Helen Sage guide you through this tantalizing yoga class to connect you to your inner goddess. Learn how to work through the mish-mash and to get to the heart of the muck that we find in our lives. Class involves calling in the directions, chanting and asana. You are worth the work… come join us and bring your inner godddess!

Connect to Your Inner Divine will continue on: Saturday, November 8 Saturday, December 13 Saturday, January 17

No sign up necessary. Questions? Call Helen at (970) 318-6995 or e-mail

What is Ideal Medical Care?

Please join Dr. April Goggans

Saturday, October 25 from 7-8pm FREE!

If you could re-write the experience and relationship with your primary doctor, what would it look like? What would you ask for? More compassion? More time? More thought? If you could design an Ideal Medical Clinic what would it look like? On time appointments? Same-day or next-day access? Fuzzy slippers? Free Coffee? Cloth patient gowns?

My name is Dr. April Goggans, I’m a board certified osteopathic family medicine doctor and I’m looking to open a community-inspired ideal medical clinic here in Grand Junction, CO. I want to open a direct primary care clinic that serves the needs of my home community, but in order to do that I need to ask what my community wants. For that I need you! Come one, come all to my community meeting. I’ll talk a little bit about my primary care model and what I can do for the health of you and your family, but mostly I want your input .What are you looking for in your relationship with your doctor? What does your ideal primary care clinic look like and feel like? What services are offered? What do you want and what do you NOT want? If you can, please join us and be heard. I’m going to take all the input I get and implement as much of it as possible in my future clinic. Snacks and drinks included.

World Travel with Aimee Bourget

Friday, November 14th – FREE 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Meet with Aimee Bourget, a former Yoga West instructor, who has been traveling around the world for the past fifteen months. She has returned to Grand Junction briefly and will soon be on her way to Central America. She will be offering a presentation on how to travel long-term, low-budget and trusting yourself/perfect strangers. Then on Saturday, 11/15 at 10:30am Aimee will be teaching an advanced Vinyasa Flow workshop

Advanced Vinyasa Flow Workshop

with Aimee Bourget

Saturday, November 15th 10:30am – 12:30pm

Cost: $20.00

Join me for an energizing morning of yoga flow that will help you exercise muscles in your core you might not have discovered before. We’ll open the practice with ten minutes of meditation and five minutes of breath work. Then we’ll begin a vigorous sequence that will include plenty of chaturanga variations, inversions and arm balances. The practice will conclude with a fifteen minute guided relaxation.

 Aimee Bourget is a traveling yogini who has spent the last fifteen months teaching yoga and volunteering in Europe. She has her 200-hour certificate in Vinyasa Flow and is currently studying acro yoga and thai massage. Your contribution to this workshop will help fund her trip to Mexico, where she will volunteer as a yoga teacher for five months before continuing south to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Email Aimee at for more information or to reserve your place.

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By: Jennifer Kettlewell