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    Check out the events and workshops that we have coming up!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact the individual that has more knowledge on that specific event as their contact is listed at the bottom of each event.

    If you have any general questions about these events/workshops call 255-YOGA


    Schedule Changes for November

    Ashtanga Yoga class from 5:30 – 6:45pm on Tuesday, November 24th will be canceled. 
    There will be no classes on Thanksgiving Day. 6:00am Intermediate Vinyasa and 5:30pm Yoga Cardio Fusion will be canceled on 12/24

    New Class starts Nov 9 with Jody Ford

    Slow Flow Yoga

    Monday at 5:30pm


    Experience the fullness of your practice by slowly merging asana and breath to create a powerful, yet subtle, meditative flow accompanied by trans♥formative music. Slow Flow Yoga is perfect for beginners to become familiar with the postures of the body. Also, a wonderful practice for experienced students to allow their practice to slow down and deepen.

    See website for more info: whiteravenyoga.com

    New Class starts Nov 5 with Jody Ford!

    Yoga Cardio Fusion

    Thursday 9am

    by Donation

    balance ~ strength ~ toning ~ heart health

    A fun, challenging and effective blend of cardio, core, and yoga for toning/strengthening, increasing heart rate, boosting metabolism and burning calories. Designed for older bodies ( I should know because I have one) but all age, size and shape bodies are welcome. Please bring water and if you have them – set of light hand weights.

    Jody Ford is an E-RYT public and private class yoga teacher since 2003 and offers services in Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Workshops, and Immersions. In addition to sharing the educational aspects of the body of yoga, she seeks to assist students in clearing and quieting minds, reducing stress and anxiety, easing depression – bringing greater health and vitality to the body, while fostering an attitude of self-acceptance and confidence. Jody is an animal lover and passionately supports local rescue groups.

    Contact Jody with any questions: jodyyoga@yahoo.com

    See website for more info: whiteravenyoga.com


    Free Will Love Offering

    Come add your loving intention to the collective as we gather together. We will be aligned with worldwide groups to liberate the planet from all forms of negative control. We will invite our star brothers and sisters of light to join us with their positive intentions and actions to remove all dark forces from power. Together we can unite our intentions in a powerful stream of energy to loosen the final strings of the dark forces web of destruction. We will intend to free humanity, and all life, into new expressions of wholeness, wellness, peace, prosperity, and joy.

    Please invite friends and family bringing as many people as possible to unite in this common purpose. We can make a difference, especially when we come together in love. Our love will envelope the dark ones and invite them into a new way of life. Our intentions will release all past limitations on every level of our being and invite the collective into conscious participation in creating the new world we all deserve and desire, a world based on love rather than money. Our gathering will be quick but powerful, about a half hour. Spread the word and help to unite humanity!

    Joyous blessings! Kim St.Germain

    Exploration Through Movement & Dance

    Presenter: Svagita Sydney Elks

    Friday, December 18th at 7pm

    Free will love offering

    Your body is wise. Your body knows. Your body is a divine instrument of expression. This monthly movement session is one which your body serves as your instructor. It is an invitation and opportunity to explore in movement and dance where and who you are in this particular moment in time. To facilitate this exploration, Sydney provides a playlist of music from a variety of genres and corners of the world. The music is assembled in a way that loosely resembles a rhythm wave from the Five Rhythm tradition. You are invited to listen deeply and explore how your body responds to the music, the space and the moment. Bring your curiosity, a sense of play, and wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.

    Conscious Aging – a half-day workshop
    Friday, November 27 
    1:30 – 5:00 pm
    Cost:  $35
    Susan Ullman and Joy Morris
    Session Topics
    Self care/self compassion
    Life review
    Transformative practices
    Creating a new vision for aging
    Facilitators guide participants as they:
    Explore beliefs and assumptions about aging and learn what it means to age more consciously.
    Develop skills for self-compassion and the stresses of aging.
    Discover living from the heart and how that develops a healthy aging process.
    Identify regrets, suffering and negative self-thoughts.
    Minimize feelings of regret and isolation.
    Learn management skills for fears concerning death (self and other) through the transformative power of surrender and acceptance.
    Cultivate a roadmap for an aging journey through deepening your spiritual life and by moment to moment awareness.
    About Susan Sheely Ullman, PT
    Susan has been serving the health community for over 30 years. A 1987 graduate of the University of Montana she was a recipient of the prestigious McMillan scholarship by the American Physical Therapy Association. Her career as a physical therapist included hospitals, nursing facilities, home health and hospice care. Currently she directs an outpatient rehabilitation clinic with Infinity Rehab, Cortez Colorado and is an IONS certified Conscious Aging Facilitator. Learn more by visiting Susan Ullman on Facebook.
    About Joy Morris, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
    Joy has been a practicing psychologist for 23 years. Her doctorate (Counseling Psychology) is from S. Illinois Univ. Her counseling includes life changes, depression, anxiety and grief/loss, with specialization in trauma work. Trauma can include situations of abuse, assault, a terrifying accident and even unkind words; any situation that impacts thoughts, emotions behavior, health or relationships. Joy utilizes EMDR (fully trained) to help the client work through unresolved trauma. Learn more about Joy Morris and EMDR, her contact is 970-560-1686 or joym@scinternet.net.
    To Register:  Call Susan at 970-779-0979  or Ted at 360-220-0044 or email nechama710@gmail.com
    Cost: $35 workshop, $15 workbook

    Dance of Universal Peace

    Bernie Skydrummer, Joy Morris and Susan Ullman

    Friday, November 27 from 7 to 9 pm

    Suggested donation $10

    Potluck at 6PM

    The Dances of Universal Peace are a part of a timeless tradition of sacred movement. DUP are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circles dances. The intention is to promote peace and integration within individuals and understanding and connection within groups by the use of sacred phrases, chants, music and movements from spiritual traditions of the earth. There are no performers nor audience: new arrivals and old hands form the circle as everyone sings and dances together.

    Joy Morris and Bernie Skydrummer have been leading DUP for many years in the Colorado and Utah and were in Grand Junction last year. Both Joy and Susan are certified leaders within the DUP organization. Both Joy and Susan are leading the Conscious Aging workshop in the afternoon (above block). Bernie is a skilled musician and has been a leader of the Peace and Sufi dancing for over 30 years.

    For more information on the Dances of Universal Peace check out the website:


    Kundalini Yoga for Spiritual Growth

    Richard W. Freeman

    Saturday, 12/12 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm

    Free Will Love Offering

    One of the greatest challenges for us humans is to learn how to live up to our maximum potential. If you are like me, you probably heard authorities say we function at less than 10% of our capacity.

    As a youth, I was not satisfied with that limit, which inspired a quest to reach the heights of my capacity. My path took me through many spiritual systems, the most comprehensive and practical system turned out to be the technology and lifestyle of kundalini yoga. During a 25 year span, I accumulated through about 3 hours/day of practice upwards of 25,000 hours of yoga experience, which included teaching 3,000 classes to all ages from pre-school through university to elderly. I also trained a dozen teachers, drawn from a residential drug rehabilitation  program based on this yoga and other holistic techniques.

    Since my teacher always emphasized that ‘an attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga’, this introductory workshop will share with participants how they can use this technology to help themselves; and for those who qualify, how to become a teacher themselves.

    Questions? Call 970-261-7922. Email is ecodweller@hotmail.com.

    Full Wolf Moon Yoga 

    Jody Ford

    January 22, Friday 5:30 – 7:30pm 

    Gratitude Offering 

    Full Wolf Moon Yoga ~ Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new!  

    Offerings include a relaxing flow yoga practice, guided meditation to balance our energy centers ending with a special releasing ceremony to help let go of that which no longer serves our highest good to create space for that which brings joy !!     Refreshments will be served.

    About Jody Ford Jody Ford is an E-RYT public and private class yoga teacher since 2003 and offers Workshops, Specialty series and Immersions   In addition to sharing the educational aspects of the body of yoga, she seeks to assist students in clearing and quieting minds, reducing stress and anxiety, easing depression – bringing greater health and vitality to the body, while fostering an attitude of self-acceptance and confidence.  She believes that Yoga is for Every~body regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual identity, national origin, financial status, age, body shape, diet,  fitness/flexibility level, or pilling yoga pants.

    Suggested gratitude offering $20.00 – 30.00.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Roice Hurst Humane Society

    Want to see more workshops?

    Leave us a comment about what you liked, what you want to learn more about and your overall experience!

    By: Jennifer Kettlewell