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Schedule Changes for January

1/6/16 ~ Wednesday 6pm Yoga with Abbie will be canceled Wednesday 1/6 through 3/9. 
Nikki Williams will be offering a Vinyasa Flow yoga class on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.
1/6/16 ~ 1/27/16 Wednesday 10:30am Gentle Yoga, and 12 noon Very Gentle Yoga with Dea will be canceled for January and will resume in February.

New Class!! Introduction to Yoga

Instructor: Jody Ford

Monday 9 – 10:15 AM

Class begins Monday, January 4 and runs through February 8

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at a yoga class and gave up thinking it wasn’t for you? Have you ever thought you weren’t flexible enough for yoga? Well…Yoga is not a competition and this is something different. This series is an entry-point for students who are new to yoga, or for those with some experience who want to spend more time on the foundations of yoga practice. Limitations will be honored and confidence will be gained. An introduction to the fundamentals of alignment, breathing and mindfulness in foundational yoga postures; laying the basic groundwork of understanding so students may progress along their personal yoga journey. You are an important person and you will be respected and honored. Registration for this series is required by January 1 deadline. Registration at

Cost for the 6-week series is $50. Drop-ins are $14 per class. Yoga West Members attend for free!

New Class: Tai Chi Alchemy with Adam Lipinski

Thursdays at 7:30pm (starting January 7th)

Join us for Tai Chi Alchemy, a brand new internal martial arts class at Yoga West starting on January 7th!  Get your body moving, attune your energy and find your center. You’ll enjoy an invigorating Chi Gong healing warm up, then work with  Tai Chi, Bagua and Tsing I applications, and finally play push hands with the whole class. All in good fun and a loving environment. Great for all ages and skill levels. Will teach Tai Chi and Bagua forms if enough interest!

About Adam Adam Lipinski, from Connecticut, has been playing Tai Chi for about 10 years, and has training in Bagua, Tsing I, Kun Tao Silat (de Thourus), Tai Mantis & Black Dragon Kung fu, and many more. He enjoys the healing and meditation aspect of Tai Chi and also loves working with martial applications. Come join him for a half hour of spiritual, emotional and physical relaxation.

For more information, contact:

New Class: Dream-board seminar with Morgan Stults

Presenter: Morgan Stults

Saturday, January 16th at 1 pm

First class will be free. Value: 25$

Dream-board seminars are a place where you can come to visualize your wildest dreams. In this process you will learn how to manifest your ideas into reality! Each seminar will start with a 5 minute guided meditation, followed by writing down ideas, goals, inspirations and aspirations. Then you will take a huge step towards making your dreams come true by creating your dream-board! The sky is the limit. Supplies, snacks, and tea will be included.

About Morgan Morgan Stults has been training at the Giving Touch massage therapy school since December 2015. She has travelled many places, including Italy and Costa Rica, expanding her knowledge and love all over the world. Her dream is to expand consciousness and new perspectives of love and light to all people in the world. She plans on integrating massage therapy into energy healing, and helping people achieve any dream they have through her dream-board mentoring.

How to Register: Call 970.260.2112, visit or go to Sky High Dreamboards on Facebook.

Morgan Stults. 970.260.2112

Cuddle Yoga with Leah Kenyon & Deborah Rosenbaum, MT

Living in Tantra Community Tantra Education

January 23

March 19

Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm

A safe, light-hearted space for adults to receive the therapeutic benefits of platonic touch,

Cost: Love Offering

Cuddle Yoga is a safe, light-hearted space for adults to exchange the therapeutic benefits of non-romantic touch. It’s specially designed for people who give, give, give, and need to recharge: mental health professionals, educators, massage therapists, parents, people in strained relationships, singles. If you need to refuel, this workshop is for you. Numerous studies show the physical and mental health benefits of touch, but many people are not getting the touch they need to stay healthy.

In Cuddle Yoga you’ll experience greeting hugs and two-handed handshakes; hand, shoulder, and foot massage and back scratching; longer embraces while answering meaningful and fun questions; quiet snuggling during mindful breathing; arms-around-waist in a circle; back-to-back meditations, and the Spoon Train-lining up on the floor for a restful, comforting group snuggle.

Students who reserve ahead receive two thank you gifts from Leah and Deborah. These gifts are not available at the door: $40 off suggested donation for a 2-hour, in-home private Tantra session for singles (regular $120), and 20% off full body massage with cranio-sacral therapy (regular price $80).

Living in Tantra is donation-based. Tantra is the art of using pleasure in a conscious way to awaken to the divine beings we are; it’s the practice unconditional love.

How to Register: Call 970/242-5094, visit or go to Living In Tantra on Facebook.

Leah Kenyon 970/242-5094

Full Wolf Moon Yoga 

Jody Ford

January 22, Friday 5:30 – 7:30pm 

Gratitude Offering 

Full Wolf Moon Yoga ~ Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new!  

Offerings include a relaxing flow yoga practice, guided meditation to balance our energy centers ending with a special releasing ceremony to help let go of that which no longer serves our highest good to create space for that which brings joy !!     Refreshments will be served.

About Jody Ford Jody Ford is an E-RYT public and private class yoga teacher since 2003 and offers Workshops, Specialty series and Immersions   In addition to sharing the educational aspects of the body of yoga, she seeks to assist students in clearing and quieting minds, reducing stress and anxiety, easing depression – bringing greater health and vitality to the body, while fostering an attitude of self-acceptance and confidence.  She believes that Yoga is for Every~body regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual identity, national origin, financial status, age, body shape, diet,  fitness/flexibility level, or pilling yoga pants.

Suggested gratitude offering $20.00 – 30.00.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Roice Hurst Humane Society

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By: Jennifer Kettlewell